We offer visual shots & Video for documentation, ready to assist you to produce live-streamed for personal content - commercial class with multiple High-Resolution cameras and Drone, professional audio recording, RAW FILE video, and maximized post-production!

we can also provide all of the production equipment handled by certified engineers, high skilled crew in charge to ensure it goes perfectly as professional cinema/film production. This includes Audio System, Video / Media equipment,  technical riders, staging, and specia FX lighting and many more !!!


Technology is always advancing, but so are we. It’s an A/V technician’s job to stay up-to- date with the latest gear and how to use it effectively. It’s not uncommon for technicians to see between 100-400 events per year. That kind of experience is invaluable to you and your event. Having a technician on-site will help you make any occasion as perfect as you envisioned it.

People that manage the concept like our designers, production/project managers, and stage managers. These people, along with our lighting equipment, video, staging, audio, and backline will bridge and transport your concept to unimaginable heights. Supported by hard-working riggers, stagehands, and additional production support, the AV technical support team can provide a level of service unmatched by their counterparts

Event technical services and support is the core of what our Systems is about! This family of dedicated professionals will ensure your event runs smoothly and on time. NTRN Event Production staff has the skill and expertise to make your event a successful and memorable experience. 


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